Today’s business operations and technology strategies need to support complex and dynamic operating environments.  Global Pragmatic Solutions can assist you in responding to these challenges and delivering and operating IT and business strategies.

We work with IT and business teams and deliver cost effective and quality solutions.

· We have extensive experience in successfully managing large and complex IT programs

· We have rich experience in supporting large IT organization across the globe

· We specialize in providing cost effective and high quality solutions in a timely manner

Oracle EBS

  • Our core competency is providing solutions for implementing/Supporting Oracle EBS
  • Our staff have more than 16 years in successfully implementing/supporting Oracle EBS
  • We have supported large scale Oracle EBS Programs in several countries
  • We provide high quality Oracle EBS consultants to address challenges IT organizations face
  • You could hire us even for 1 hour, for evaluation, assessment or any of your Oracle EBS needs

Oracle E-Business Suite Training

  • Global Pragmatic Solutions delivers high quality, cost-effective training on Oracle E-Business Suite. We keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • We offer Oracle functional and technical training
  • We have trained non-IT professionals on Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Our courses can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.
  • Our trainers have more than 10 years of Oracle EBS experience. Trainers have worked extensively on Oracle EBS.
  • Some of training courses are

Software Testing

Global Pragmatic solutions offer expert software testing services. We have extensive experience in software testing.

  • We have highly qualified QA Testing teams.
  • We follow standard testing methodologies and tools
  • We provide both manual and automated testing services
  • We offer independent testing
  • We provide high quality and cost effective solutions
  • We keep track of requirements, test plans, test cases and test results
  • You pay us after you see the result

Application Integration

Businesses do not operate in vacuum in today's world. They have to talk to all their stake holders which may be using technologies, frameworks and processes that are quite different from your own. This has to happen at lightning speed, on time, unambiguously and accurately. Our experience with several integratorswhether it is with payment processors, data aggregators, standard packages or clients' partners help us in asking right questions, designing and developing right solution to meet your integration needs.

Data Modeling and Database Design

Any IT system deals with data and information.  Every business has to understand the meaning of data and information from each of its stake holders' perspective, both for short term and long term purposes.  Unless your information needs are properly modeled, documented and maintained, your systems and business processes can be in mess in no time as you grow. Our expertise in quickly understanding your business, its data/information needs, data modeling and designing databases yields in well-structured databases that are well documented, optimized, robust and have a long life without everyday changes.

Application and Legacy Data Migration

Has your business out grown what your IT applications can support? Re-engineering application and migrating the same are not mere programming tasks. They involve knowing where you came from and where you want to go without losing legacy.  Our expertise with different technologies and frameworks both old and new, an unmatched eye to detail result in better new applications without losing necessary functionality and data and without carrying unnecessary baggage from past.

Performance Tuning

Your IT systems have to perform well 24x7x365 as you grow. Systems may not perform well due to myriad reasons that include systems that are not designed well, not tuned well, not having the right mix of technologies or because of a temporary or technical glitch. Our exposure to many systems, technologies and platforms help us not just in finding out the reason for degraded performance, but also allows us to offer fixes or suggest alternative solutions to improve performance of your application and databases.

IT Enabled Services/BPO

It is just not enough to outsource your IT requirements. The internet age allows you to outsource your business processes as well. Be it your core business processes or so called trivial processes like data research, data collection and data entry can be outsourced to gain time to market and reduce costs. Our BPO team will understand your outsourcing needs, map the same and dedicate a team for all your BPO needs. As we know your needs and processes better, we will proactively combine our IT expertise to improve your processes and develop appropriate solutions for the same to cut down time and costs.

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